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About our Water Source

H2Om’s Declaration on Water Quality, Purity and Source

H2Om is committed to excellence throughout every facet of our purification process. But perhaps nowhere is this commitment more important than in the quality and taste of our water.  Many bottled water companies use municipal water. Not H2om. H2om is great tasting pure mountain spring water collected straight from the source. After an extensive search of California springs and wells, we are pleased to have found a spring in California whose water, we believe, to be the best in quality, purity and taste.

Our water emanates from a natural spring water source in the San Diego Mountains. It  is derived from the protected 420,000 acre Cleveland National Forest in Southern California.  These pristine mountains tower above the semi-arid deserts below.  The thick rain forests and rolling meadows of Palomar Mountain are in Northern San Diego County of California.  Large pine, bin-cone, big-cone fir, and cedar trees, which receive up to 100 inches of precipitation annually, make this area unique in California. 

Archeologists tell us the bedrock mortars and metates at the spring site indicate that people have enjoyed these extremely pure waters for nearly 14,000 years.  The springs are born in 160 million year-old granodorite rock fractures on the southwest slope of the mountain.  The water is filtered down to a depth of 300 feet before being transported to the surface through the hard fractured granite.

The water is naturally filtered through the mountain’s layers and emerges, years later, at its source.  In a time when most consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the quality and purity of their drinking water, the spring’s 4,000’ elevation is significant in that it is well above the “fertilization line” caused by commercial agriculture and it’s byproducts.

The cold spring water is first drawn into a stainless steel holding tank, where it is sanitized with ultra violet light and then transported to our bottling plant.  It is then pumped, through FDA approved lines, into several pristine storage tanks.

The spring water is sub-micron filtered (0.2 micron) before it is oxygenated with Oxygen3 (Ozone) to further purify the water.  Ozone is a very potent and thorough purifying agent, and, unlike Chlorine, it naturally breaks down to simple oxygen in a few hours and leaves no traces, residues or aftertastes in the water.  Additionally, Ozone eliminates any present and potential bacteria 3,200 times faster than Chlorine.  The process is considered to be the finest available in the industry.

After the Ozone purification process, the spring water is piped into clean and modern bottling areas where the bottles are filled capped and inspected.  The residual ozone in the finished product sanitizes the plastic bottles as well as the water, ensuring the water to be pure, delicious, and completely bacteria free.

In addition to the strict and rigorous quality control procedures, the processes are subjected to regular and unannounced inspections by various state and federal government agencies.  The water further undergoes batch testing for at least nine chemical and physical parameters, while the source waters and key points in the bottling process are evaluated daily.  Additional samples are sent to an independent testing laboratory at least once a week – a process ensuring H2Om maintains the highest quality product at all times.

We at H2Om take pride in our product and services.  We believe we have the finest mountain spring water in the world, and are confident you will find that H2Om is the best water you have ever tasted.  Designed for a healthy lifestyle, H2Om is Positive Drinking with Positive Thinking.   Harness the power of your positive thoughts™ Think it While you Drink it ® H2Om Water with Intention®


Naturally Occurring Nutritional Components

Calcium (Ca) 12mg/L

Magnesium (Mg) 4.1 mg/L

Potassium (K) 2mg/L

Hardness 47mg/L

TDS* 84 ppm*

pH 7.4

*TDS = Total Dissolved Solids  Total dissolved solids (tds) is the sum total of all the minerals in water.
*ppm = parts per million. 


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Saturday, February 24, 2018