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H2Om Founders Partner With Dr. Masaru Emoto


H2Om Founders Partner with Dr. Emoto

H2Om founders Lex Lang and Sandy Fox  partnered with the late Dr. Masaru Emoto before his passing to write the upcoming book on water's receptivity and the effect of music on water and the human body. Over 10 years in the making, the book will consist of over 75 new water crystal photos and content covering over 40 genres of music and artists ranging from Mozart to Led Zeppelin and everything in between.



H2Om Selected by Style Magazine as one of the TOP 5 Great Waters! the premier fashion and beauty publication votes H2Om Water as one of the top 5 Great Waters for healthy lifestyles!


We are the World, We are the Water

We are the World

H2Om Water with Intention participates alongside Music Legends, Rock Stars and A-List Celebrities as the chosen water for the 25th Anniversary remake of “We are the World"...

Los Angeles, California – February 2nd, 2010 – H2Om Water with Intention released further details today about their contribution to the 25th anniversary remake of the global hit “We are the World” recording sessions benefiting disaster relief for Haiti.


H2Om The Official Bottled Water of The Chopra Center

H2Om Selected as The Official Bottled Water of The Chopra Center.

As part of The Chopra Center’s goal in guiding their guests to nurture their own health, restore balance and create fulfillment in their lives, they have selected H2Om Water with Intention as their Official Bottled Water.


H2Om In TIME Magazine

H2Om Water featured in TIME Magazine!
From the TIME Magazine Article "Mind Over Chocolate"

Move over, organic, fair trade and free range--the latest in enlightened edibles is here: food with "embedded" positive intentions. While the idea isn't new--cultures like the Navajo have been doing it for centuries--for-profit companies in the U.S. and Canada are catching on, infusing products with good vibes through meditation, prayer and even music.
Illustration by Mark Matcho for TIME
Adaptation by Conan Michaels (Used by Permission Only)



Saturday, February 24, 2018