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Happy Earth Day! It has come to our attention that many people are promoting being "down" with bottled water. Some have even suggested putting a ban on it. When asked why, people generally say that it's the plastic. The use of petroleum, and the plastic in the landfills. Well, here is something to consider, only one third of one percent of the plastic in land fills is bottled water. The rest is plastic from everyday items such as shampoo bottles, make up, razors, detergent, deodorant, office supplies, cleansers, toys, etc, etc. etc. and the list truly goes on and on and on.

Do we put a ban on toys? Do we put a ban on deodorant? Shampoo? Toothbrushes? It seems that the REAL problem is that people are not informed. And by that we mean informed of where they can recycle, or how very important recycling is. (you can click on the sustainability drop down menu of our site to find a recycling center near you) some cities even have recycling bins as part of the weekly trash pick up. Which is great. But also consider the other drinks people drink. Soda (plastic), Smart Water (plastic), Vitamin Water (plastic), Juice (plastic), Milk (plastic), and the list goes on and on... do we ban all of these too?

The answer is simple...

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