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.5 liter bottles

H2Om Water with Intention ® is award winning premium high mountain natural spring water utilizing the power of positive words and Om as a tool for transformation. No flavors or additives.

Many bottled water companies use municipal water.  We don't.  H2om is great tasting pure mountain spring water collected straight from the source.

We were the first nationally distributed spring water brand bottled in 100% post consumer recycled regenerate™ plastic (R-PET) completely eliminating our reliance on petroleum and virgin resources. 

We are recognized by TIME Magazine and The Wall Street Journal as the originators of waters designed to inspire and transform, and we are recommended by the Environmental Media Association.

H2Om promotes positive energy for people and the planet®. The H2Om motto is "Think it while you Drink it"®  We encourage you to use the words on the positive themed labels as a reminder to create daily personal intention.

Plus, for every bottle purchased, H2Om donates a portion of the proceeds to environmentally conscious charities like The Love Planet Foundation. Helping to create awareness regarding green living, world water awareness and children’s education.

H2Om is all about creating intention and transforming your life.  After all, that’s what makes it interactive and transformative, your thoughts, while you drink it.  We don't add special potions, or bless the water before we deliver it to you, once you buy H2Om at the store, you let the mandalas or words on the label inspire you as you create your own belief and personal ideas into motion.  And just like that you've created a vibration that puts the Laws of the Universe into action (The Law of Resonance and the Law of Attraction) This is the most inspiring water that’s ever been available. And it’s one of the very best tasting natural spring waters you’ve ever tasted.

What intention will you create today?


 Harness the power of your positive thoughts™  H2Om Water with Intention®

Think It While You Drink It®

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